Under Caption Contest!

Man- look at the twin pillars! Red and Blue! Fuyoo….

Brother Voicey. Aku can't resist this photo of yours together with Bigdog dan Dr.M. Both of you look like the twin pillars, guarding the great Helmsman. Hehe.

I am inviting readers to insert the under caption to this great photo. Salahuddin aka Voice is a fun character to be with. I mean this sincerely. Bigdog whom I have talked over the phone but don't have a chance to meet up yet, I am sure is a decent guy. We are on the opposite sides je.

Hey voicey- nasib baik aku tak ada sama. Kalau tak, I will be the 3rd leg in the tripod, but a slimmer one than both of you. Haha.

Readers- feel free to use your imagination to insert the under caption.


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