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Parliamentary Opposition Leader (that's an official title) Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, today ( 10/7/2008) filed a no-confidence motion in Parliament against PM Abdullah Badawi.

Parliament Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia will mull over it at Monday's sitting.

If the previous no-confi motion filed three weeks ago is an indication, Tan Sri Pandikar will not allow the House to debate on the issue and vote on it.

The last time around, though, the opposition made another issue that was debated immediately after the no-confi motion was rejected, into a show of strength of the two sides.

The House voted by 129 to 78 to pass a motion to support the government's move to raise fuel prices. Barisan Nasional has 140 MPs and Pakatan Rakyat 82*.

That is BN won, Datuk Seri Abdullah won, his first show of strength, or his first vote of confidence already.

(*The 82 includes so-called Independent MP, Ibrahim Ali, who won on a PAS ticket. Datuk Ibrahim was sacked from Umno by PM Abdullah and could never join the Grand Ole Party again because he contested against BN in a by-election.

So I don't know why anyone bothers to call him an Independent MP and not a partisan Pakatan supporter, if only because he has no choice).

Anyway, the last time around it was already a defeat for the opposition.

Of course, we could argue why 11 BN MPs were missing, including two from SAPP Sabah. Foreign Minister Rais Yaim did not vote because he was not in the House as he was entertaining overseas visitors. Or is that the real reason, yes, we could argue like this too.

The four Pakatan MPs who did not vote included Anwar Ibrahim's daughter Nurul Izzah who got a prior. Or is that the real reason, we may want to spin...

BUT what this means is this: Unless P.O.L. Wan Azizah has got more than the two SAPP Sabah MPs to vote for its side, why bother bringing a no-confi vote again?

Shouldn't the time of the august House (calling people 'monkeys' and showing rude gestures, aside) better be spent on talking about helping the people that voted you guys in?

Is Malaysia going to continue playing mind games instead of hunkering down and trying to work out ways on fighting inflation?

Every time a big vote is on, EVERY MP - yes, Prime Minister, Deputy PM, all ministers, deputy ministers, etc - have got to be in the House to ensure BN will win.

And not just the BN side, ALL Pakatan MP will have to run into the House to vote also.

So instead of ministers and MPs going around meeting their constituents or resolving issues in their offices or looking into blocked drains or big projects (assuming the MPs cannot be present in Parliament all the time), we are going to have another ruckus-over-nothing with the no-confi motion.

Debate debate debate. Attack attack attack. Vote vote vote.

Unless Pakatan is now saying its got the numbers to topple the lame duck premier, what a gross waste of public time.

If you got the numbers, let's do this!

Topple BN so that Abdullah will run to the King and call for fresh elections.

Let the people decide, after four months of Pakatan showing and still-weak BN leadership whether voters really want Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Abdul Hadi Awang, Azmin Ali, Lim Guan Eng, Husam Musa etc in the new federal Cabinet line-up.


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