MYSTERY: Syed Husin, Sivarasa dan Tian Chua tipu status PRM

Dibawah ini adalah petikan dari interview antara Wee Choo Keong dengan NST tarikh Feb 6hb 2010 berikut:

Q: How do you see the position of PKR now, as Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) still exists despite claims by certain quarters that it was dissolved before the merger with Parti Keadilan?

A: I must confess that I was a lawyer for PRM in the case involving Registrar of Societies and (former PRM leaders) Dr Syed Husin Ali and R. Sivarasa when they applied to dissolve PRM. I succeeded in getting them to intervene in the suit in court. Then another lawyer took over and I read in the newspapers recently that the court has declared that PRM is still a valid political party.

So the so-called "merger" was a lie. There was no merger (between Parti Keadilan Nasional and Parti Rakyat Malaysia). I hope PKR will take action and take out the two red lines in our flag because PRM still exists and we must respect it. The red lines are meant to depict PRM. So this must be stopped and clarified to the public that (the merger) was not true.

Q: So are you saying the positions of PKR deputy president Syed Husin, vice-president R. Sivarasa and strategic director Tian Chua are in question now? What should PKR do then?

A: (There is) no doubt about it. They hold their respective positions by virtue of the "merger". PKR should issue a show-cause letter to them and ask them to explain. They must be referred to the disciplinary committee because this is a serious (issue). I would even go as far as to say this is deceptive.

To say that PRM has been dissolved but later it was ruled otherwise by the court (is deceptive). I think this is a more important issue that we have to address because it involves legal entities, and we are just taking other people's name. It seems like we are pretending to be somebody we are not. The former PRM leaders should explain why they lied to the party. I call upon them to explain to the party because I dare not use the term PKR now.

Q: Is it PKR or just Keadilan now?

A: Legally, it is still PKR because they have informed ROS on the change of the name and such but this is not an issue of legality. We are talking about why this was not revealed at the time of the so-called merger. There was no dissolution (of PRM). I was told that some Keadilan leaders were not happy at the time of the "merger".

Q: Why do you think Syed Husin and other former PRM leaders did not address this matter?

A: I can understand that Syed Husin and Sivarasa might feel embarrassed to talk about it and they prefer to sweep it under the carpet. They had argued the case in the court but they did not appeal against the court's decision. Perhaps they are afraid it will arouse public attention. But it has been lingering on many people's minds, as Tan has expressed.

Now that it has come out in the open, we must address this issue. I hope we can be fair in this issue and ex PRM leaders who have misled the public and Keadilan should have taken action against them. All this while they have been asking for action to be taken against other members, except against themselves. They often take the moral high ground and I hope they live up to it now.

Jelas dari kata-kata Wee Choo Keong bahawa Parti Rakyat Malaysia telah ditipu kononnya bergabung ke dalam Keadilan oleh Syed Husin Ali, Sivarasa dan Tian Chua.

PKR telah menipu rakyat dengan menggunakan warna merah pada bendera mereka padahal ini bukan penggabungan dengan PRM. Parti itu masih kekal dan pemimpin PRM yang sebelum ini saja yang telah meninggalkan parti tersebut untuk memasuki PKN, nama asal Parti Keadilan Nasional.

Dengan ini, Keadilan tidak layak menggunakan nama Rakyat pada PKR. Demikian juga slogan rakyat tidak layak digunakan PKR.

Ini adalah satu pembohongan!!!

by The Unspinners

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