BMW Sauber PETRONAS team never used PETRONAS fuel in F1 races!

BMW Sauber PETRONAS team never used PETRONAS fuel in F1 races!
Did you know that the BMW Sauber PETRONAS team that the Malaysians used to be proud of never used PETRONAS fuel in their races. That’s how bad BMW treated PETRONAS even though PETRONAS poured millions of money to sponsor the team.
The only reason PETRONAS stayed with them was just for the sake of making the PETRONAS brand known worldwide. Every Malaysian thought that BMW Sauber PETRONAS team fueled on PETRONAS fuel for their races but instead BMW took PETRONAS money just let PETRONAS stick their logo on the F1 car but then they purchased fuel from competitors to PETRONAS for the F1 races (not to mentioned the name of the company as everybody knows this brand as the main competitor to PETRONAS is Malaysia).
But, Mercedes is an all different deal. They bring in business to PETRONAS, it is really an intelligent business deal. They will be running the Mercedes PETRONAS GP F1 team on PETRONAS fuel/lubricants and also agreed that the Mercedes cars sold in few European countries will be using PETRONAS lubricants as their recommended lubricant at Mercedes Service Centers. The deal will bring in billions of return to PETRONAS.
Lucky for PETRONAS that BMW decided to quit F1 last year as it enables PETRONAS to identify a better business partner not only in F1 but also in the global lubricant market.
Sponsoring Lotus team will not benefit PETRONAS as they will not bring in any business to the company. Why should PETRONAS pour millions (of the people’s money) without any return of investment. Mercedes is one of the world’s best car maker and when it runs on PETRONAS lubricants and fuel it shows to the world that PETRONAS is at the class of Mercedes. Mercedes is a brand by itself. And partnering with PETRONAS means Mercedes recommends PETRONAS products as one of the best in the world. It should surely make other oil & gas players feel unease. The world now recognizes PETRONAS as a world class brand!
Would you be proud of it? Yes, I do!


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