Sabah Chief Minister Calls For Water Rationing In Critical Areas

KOTA KINABALU, Mar 16 (Bernama) -- Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman wants the State Water Department and all its district offices to begin water rationing in areas experiencing acute water shortage following the dry spell.

"They must start to ration water because the situation is getting critical. We do not want to burden the people but this must be done," he said in a statement here Tuesday.

In the meantime, the public must also use water sparingly and cut down on unnecessary activities which required use of a lot of water, he said.

They should also be civic-minded and responsible by not engaging in open burning and smokers must to be cautious when throwing away their cigarette butts.

Musa said that even though Sabah did not experience drought every year, the state government would put in short and long-term measures to overcome problems associated with it.

"I also want the Fire and Rescue Department to be alert and quickly respond to reports of fires, including bush fires," he said.


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