Aliran Monthly 25: 5 editor's note

AM coverIn our cover story, Maznah Mohamad analyses the recent proposal for Umno-Pas unity talks. A Pas-Umno ‘marriage’, she says, would have been nothing more than a marriage of convenience with disturbing consequences.

Such talk and the divisions it has created in Pas may have contributed to the party’s poorer showing in the recent Manek Urai by-election, suggests Anil Netto.

Tan Pek Leng reviews an inspiring new book of poems and prose of men who were imprisoned without trial for their convictions in Singapore. Such dissidents and ‘prophets of doom’ are actually essential cornerstones for building an accountable and just democracy, says Angeline Loh.

It all depends on how you look at them. Hishamuddin Yahaya points out that people like Mat Kilau and Tok Janggut were dubbed “traitors” by the British while Chin Peng and company were seens as “terrorists”. No matter what, not one person should be held in detention without trial as it violates basic human rights, asserts Norlaila Othman.

It’s not just the ISA that needs to be repealed. It is time to set up a law reform commission to look into and update outdated criminal laws, writes Hamid Ibrahim. Tommy Thomas discusses the Griffith thesis: Judges will lend their support to government measures to preserve stability and they will not be overly concerned if such measures require the invasion of individual stability.

Government policies, such as those governing public procurement, need to be reformed as well. H A Lee says its time to give the rakyat a preview of what ketuanan rakyat economic and social policies will look like.

Finally, P Ramakrishnan takes a look at the controversy over Kg Buah Pala.


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