It was reported in The New Straits Times, on Wednesday (27 November 2008), Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) hurled a racial slur at M. Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat) and called Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) biol (stupid) during the debate on a motion seeking to dock Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein's salary by RM10 for failing to fulfil his promises on vernacular school.

We have witnessed numerous antics and "ungentlemenly" conduct of the BN MPs in parliament sittings. Remember the last Parliament session where BN lawmakers created uproar with their statement of "monthly leak".

The ironic is that opposition MPs get punished with suspension and banishment for the slightest "tiff" with the presiding speakers but BN MPs just has to "tarik balik" even that is done relunctantly.

So you know what to do in the next election yah, vote for SAPP !

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