Do you remember the decision by the State Government to scrap the building of a coal fired plant in Lahad Datu on the basis of environment on 4 May 2008. Then in a news on 21 November 2008, Datuk Zakaria Idris (BN - Gum Gum) said that blackouts due to insufficient power supply were common and threatened economic development in the east coast. Sabah has no choice but to accept a 300mW coal-fired plant in Sandakan to ensure sufficient power supply in the state’s east coast, an assemblyman told the State Assembly. Have you ever wonder if what is not right for Lahad Datu can be right for Sandakan? So much for the flip-flop disease of our nation leadership. Is it as contagious? Before that is sorted out, we now have a new environmental issues on Mabul island. A proposed 33 hectare oceanarium resort will be build in Mabul Island, located in the East Coast of Sabah.

State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun had said that it will not destroy the coral reefs. Rather, it would help ease pressure from the diving crowd coming from neighbouring Sipadan island.

The question now is should we have development at the expense of environment? How much can Sabah benefit from the tourist who would "flock" to the oceanarium? Is it jus another "project" for the rakyat? I leave it for your the rakyat to call the shots, remember the next general elections, even a vote make the difference...........its in your hand now.

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