Anwar & the Sex Question | Anwar & the Genie

This is not the Anwar we all know. Cuma kebetulan aje nama sama Heheh!

One day, Anwar went to a company and was asked to fill in a form about his personal details. Now Anwar wasn’t too familiar with this, and he was impressed by the instruction printed above it: “Fill in as accurately as possible”.

After completing it, Anwar returned the form to the receptionist, who checked it. Under “NAME”, he got it right. But for “SEX”, Anwar had written: “Twice a day”. The receptionist managed to stifle a laugh. Showing it to Anwar, she said “It’s about male or female”.

Embarrassed, Anwar took the form to correct it. After “Twice a day”, he added “Sometimes with male, sometimes with female”. HAHAHA!

ooo – ooo

One day, while walking along the beach, Lim (NOT the DAP Lim KS… again, `kebetulan aje’) saw his friend Anwar, who looked shocked and miserable. That’s not surprising, for there was a big cork that pierced into his asshole!

“What happened? How did that cork get into your backside?!”, Lim asked.

aladdin1 “I had found a lamp, and after rubbing it, a genie like Alladin’s came out. He said `I will grant you ONE wish – anything… to be rich, or handsome or to be the Prime Minister of any country – Anything!’,” Anwar explained.

“Why, that’s great!”, Lim exclaimed.

“Not exactly. I was so surprised and excited by the genie’s offer… and I exclaimed `No shit!’…”

[NOTE: These jokes aren’t mine but are plagiarised from somewhere;-) ]

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