Protest in Jakarta over Malaysian police 'shoot-to-kill' case - 3 persons killed

Nobody deserve to be shot dead by the police ....who later claims that the dead were robbers, killers, criminals,.... but then the defamed dead have no means of defending themselves.

For years, Malaysians have called for an end of this 'shoot to kill' attitude and action by the Malaysian police - and sadly I have not seen a report about any Minister or police chief have come out and even said that the duty of the police is to arrest suspects...and they should try their very best to avoid killing suspects ..

There is also still no public inquiries about police shoot-to-kill incidents. In these inquiries, the police must justify their actions that resulted in death of persons...

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Indonesian migrant worker group Migrant Care staged a protest outside the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta on Friday demanding the Malaysian government to responsible for the shootings of three Indonesian nationals last month accused of commiting robery.

Director Executive of Migrant Care Anis Hidayah told the crowd outside the Malaysian Embassy that the group will bring the matter to UN Human Rights Council, and other pressure group like Amnesty Internasional and Human Rights Watch, to force the Malaysian government to investigate the case as no measure taken by the Malaysian to investigate the case after 40 days since the murder took place.

The Malaysian Embassy invited Anis Hidayah for a talk on condition that protesters furl down a banner printed with “Malaysia, murderer of Indonesian migrant workers”.
Anis dismissed the request prompting Indonesian Police took the banner down.

According migrant care three indonesian workers kiled last month and autopsy results suggested that the three men were killed by short-range shots.TEMPO Interactive, 23/4/2010,Indonesian Worker Group Protest Three Deaths in Malaysia

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