Hulu Selangor : death knell for talam-dua-muka politics?

It is now 11.21am on Sunday the 25th of April 2010. The people of Hulu Selangor are electing their new Member of Parliament. It is going to be either Zaid Ibrahim from Pakatan Rakyat or P Kamalanathan of the Barisan nasional.

I have written elsewhere about all the gifts which the Barisan Nasional government was going to dish out to the people of Hulu Selangor. And boy, wasn't I right!

A friend of mine actually suggested that all of us should become a professional "voters". He suggested that we all should move from a constituent to another like nomads. First we should search for a constituent with the oldest or sickest Member of Parliament. Or find one who is most likely to die. Then we move to that constituent. If possible, change our voting constituency too. Then we wait.

When the MP kicks the bucket, hallelujah, (ooops...I am a Muslim, I am not supposed to utter that word lest I would be confused and become a Christian tonight!) the gifts will start raining down like it is Christmas all year round.

This Hulu Selangor by-election must have had a record in the Guinness Book of Records when it comes to gifts. Just imagine. 50000 smackeroons each for 100 FELDA settlers!
The thing is this. Does the government really think that the people are all beggars? That the people are willing to sell their vote for money? Like UMNO reps at its General Assembly? Does the government really think everybody in Malaysia is like some of them?

Despite all the money, gifts and all the might of the government, straw polls and survey point to Zaid achieving a famous win in this Hulu Selangor by-election.

The people are actually tired of the antic of this government. When some of the so called leaders (the Muslim ones) clearly consume alcohol, they were prepared to assassinate Zaid's character by saying that he consumes alcohol and is a gambler. They even doctored a picture of Zaid supposedly holding a bottle of Jack Daniels! That is how low they are prepared to go.
When some of the top leaders of the BN were challenged to declare that they don't consume alcohol, none even dared to utter a single word!

The truth is that was a vile attempt at character assassination. And the full hypocrisy of it is nauseating! In Malay that is what we call talam dua muka!

What about the corruption, the abuse of power, the mistreatment of citizens, the murders of human beings, the detention without trial, the statutory rapes and almost every other sin under the sun committed by some people?

Hypocrite, that what they are!

As if to rub salt into the people's already gaping injury, there was also talks that this by-election is about Zaid versus Dr Mahathir! HahahAHAhahaHA... and the grand old man of UMNO, who at first said he wasn't going to HS did go there after all, trying to split hairs over his eldest son's directorship in a beer company. Apparently he joined that board of directors to help them diversify. Wow, how clever he is! He should head Khazanah Nasional then. Desperation breeds inventions I suppose.

And 1 Malaysia? It is not even worth talking about it. This is the mother of all hypocrisy!

Straw polls and independent surveys have shown that the Pakatan Rakyat will win this Hulu Selangor by-election. Even UMNO's top member (who obviously has more brains than all of them put together) has also said so.

If all the predictions come true, I wonder whether this will be the end of the talam-dua-muka politics that the Barsian Nasional is well known for?
I for one am so tired of being treated like some morons with the brain of an amoeba. When the truth is, I could see through their ugly schemes even when I am asleep!

I am sure Hulu Selangorians are way smarter than they are credited for by the government.

Posted by art harun at 11:51

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