Asalamualaikum WBT and greetings to everyone.

Yes I am back! I saw no reason to remain quiet while all the other UMNO candidates from top to bottom continue to air their views on a host of matters.

I have decided to come out of hybernation especially because important events have cropped up that begged for UMNO participation but couldn't garner even one UMNO Youth EXCO member to defend such as Article 121 (1A) in the Constitution. All that was offered was the lip service given by the Youth Head and the EXCO in charge of Religious affairs. What appalls me is that they can come screaming their lungs out, when Islam is threatened thousands of miles away in the Middle East like Palestine but remain like sick mice when it is threatened here in Malaysia.

Yes, I'm talking about the Bar Council's recalcitrant behaviour touching on Islam, the religion UMNO leaders so heartily claim to defend but was nowhere to be seen when it needed defending. The Council's representative argued that they have no issue with Article 121 (1A) contradicting themselves in their agenda asking it to be revisited. On this score, in the name of God, King and Country, I would like to commend our counterpart in PAS, namely their Youth Wing for their gallant effort and success in getting the forum to be aborted.

On that sorry note, I'd like to take this opportunity to urge every Malaysian citizen to Rise, Protect and Defend our Sovereignty, without which there would be no Independence. May Allah bless those who fought tooth and nail, and sacrificed much to achieve Home Rule from Great Britain without a shed of blood.

To my fellow members in UMNO from the Supreme level down to the Roots, repent and be righteous again. We have astrayed from our original struggle. Work for the people and be grateful to those who have served. Make the change or be prepared to turn opposition in the next General Elections.

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