When Anwar Ibrahim former tennis partner S. Nalakaruppan exposed that the Permatang Pauh PKR by-election candidate took RM60 million, of Magnum Corporation money, its further dented his image as a liberal Islamic leader.

or more than four decades, Anwar has been projecting himself as a true-Islamic leader, which earned him international support. He has been rubbing shoulders with Islamic scholars both in the east and the west.

To avoid him being labeled a conservative and fundamentalist, he also made friends with US leaders which earned him a positive image in the east.

However, the Permatang Pauh by-election has extremely harmed this image. One by one of his former closed and trusted aides, revealed the real side of Anwar which has erased the “Anwar Ibrahim-myth”.

Nalakaruppan exposure is the most damaging. His revelation, which was made in a ceramah in Permatang Pasir on Friday night, has caused him to receive threats which forced him into hiding until today.

In Islam, gambling is as the same level of adultery and the consumption of liquor. For an Islamic leader to be involved in such an act would be a big blow as to be associated with using ill-gained money is not accepted.

This is because as in Islam because the ends do not justify the means.

Meanwhile another Anwar’s former aides Ezam Mohd Noor revealed that the US is supporting his fomer boss because they was an arrangement between the government and Anwar on Malaysia’s sovereignty such as the right to the Straits of Malacca.

In short Ezam accused Anwar of selling the country for his own personal gain – power and position. This is seriously erasing the Anwar Ibrahim’s myth. Besides the allegation of sodomy on his former coffee boy, Anwar is also fighting to upkeep his Islamic image.

Only the Permatang Pauh voters can decide on that whether to reveal the real image or continue to stick with the myth of Anwar Ibrahim. - 23/8/2008