"Even if there was only one man in MIC ..."

The real Sakti. That the MIC's president-in-waiting G. Palanivel is not too pleased with the warm reception BN leader Najib Razak has shown Makkal Sakti, the latest political party that will rival the MIC for the support of Malaysian Indians, is understandable.
The country's first PM would not have turned his back on the MIC. "Unfortunately," Palani laments in his latest blog posting, "we no longer live in the era of leaders like the Tunku." [Who is the real Sakti? by Palani 11/10/09]

Yesterday, Najib quashed talk that Makkal Sakti was his baby [Government will work with anyone who back 1Malaysia concept, Bernama 10/10/09].

"Makkal Sakti was not formed on my instigation but eventually it would be good for these (Indian-based political parties) to consolidate. The formation of this party is probably the political evolution for Indians in the country," he added.

"I do not want to say whether the MIC failed or succeeded (in assisting the community)...but it is the choice of the Indians (formation of MMSP). What is important is that they support the government," said Najib.

Asked if MMSP would be BN's trump card in winning back the support of the community, which deserted the BN at the 2008 general election, Najib said it was not up to him to say if the newly launched party would be BN's trump card in facing future general elections.

"But Makkal Sakti has brought a lot of support and we hope it can attract more support. On their inclusion into the BN we will discuss that later. It is up to the BN supreme council. Whether they are in or out (of the BN), we are willing to work together and that is the most important thing," he added.

It's too early to tell how MIC and Makkal Sakti leaders will react to Najib's consolidation hint, but much depends on how the BN fares in the Bagan Pinang by-election today (LIVE coverage here), where Indian voters are said to be crucial in deciding if Pakatan Rakyat's by-election winning streak will end) and Palani's own brand of leadership when he takes over the MIC presidency from Samy Vellu (which is expected to happen very, very soon .. sooner than most pundits would dare expect).

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