I just came back from a very short vacation. Upon returning, I travelled to Alor star on Tuesday and subsequently to Sabah just to get a feel on the reaction from MCA grassroots members and leaders.

Basically, they are unhappy with the leadership’s decision to sack me. They see this as a ruthless method to finish me off once and for all politically. That is the general consensus.

Meanwhile, my supporters who have initiated signature campaign to call for an EGM have started their work on Monday. By the time I am writing this, the signatures collected have already exceeded the 800 signatures required. I must say that the response is overwhelming. I wish to thank the grassroots leader who wants to see justice and fair play as well as democracy in the party.

Now, the question is that there are now 2 EGMs, one called by the central delegates as provided for by the constitution and the other one by the executive power vested on the president. If I am not wrong, this is the first time in 60 years of MCA history where a president exercises his power to call for EGM.

The agenda of the EGM initiated by the President is still unknown despite his announcement and notice to the secretary general since 31 August 2009. If the agenda is to endorse the investigation of the PKFZ, then this will be unprecedented. This is the case where the Minister brings his ministerial work and function to the political party for endorsement. It is like using a political party to do a referendum on the Minister’s responsibilities. This will set a very bad precedent in the country’s political development. Imagine if every Minister or President does that, bringing his or her ministerial work to party’s EGM, then the whole ministry work will be politicized. If that can be done, then the Minister of Health can also bring the H1N1 issue and its preventive measure to the party’s EGM for endorsement.

One can then postulate that the PM Najib can bring policy statements to UMNO and get it endorsed in the UMNO EGM and tell the rakyat that whatever he’s doing is backed by the UMNO.

In the same way, one should be bringing the teaching of Mathematics and Science, which is a bigger issue and the concern of every Chinese family into the EGM. Once this is approved in the EGM, what’s next? What happens if the Ministry of Education refused to accept what is endorsed in the EGM? Are we going on a direct confrontation?

One should not hide under their political party in their discharge of ministerial duty. Therefore, the PKFZ issue should not be politicized. It is the duty of the Minister of Transport and it is his duty to investigate the port and the abuse of power and corruption if there is any. The PM and the cabinet has endorsed the Ministry of Transport’s investigation of the PKFZ. Thus the notion that only the President dares to conduct an investigation of the PKFZ and that no one in BN is supporting him is misleading.

Since PM has tasked the Ministry of transport to investigate and to avoid any conflicting messages, it is only correct and proper that any matter on the PKFZ is handled by the Ministry of Transport. It is not a personal crusade. It is the responsibility of the Minister of Transport. It is not a party affair and definitely should not be a MCA EGM’s resolution.

Since we started the idea of the EGM first, it would be a better idea if the President could incorporate his resolution into our resolution. Our resolution is the reflection of the aspiration of the grassroots. The resolution for the EGM initiated by the President is still unknown. The grassroots’ wishes need to be respected if we want to restore democracy in the party. The EGM and the central delegates is the highest authority in a political party and if we want to stay united, we will have to listen to their will and wishes.




现在,问题在于或将会出现两项特大,分别由党章赋权的中央代表,以及行使行政权力的总会长提出要求。如果我没记错, 这也是马华60年来,首次出现总会长援引其行政权力召开特大。

马 华总会长自数天前宣布特大至今,尚未提出任何议案。如果当权派开特大是为了寻求支持巴生自贸区的调查工作,那将是前所未闻。因为身为内阁部长,却须要党员 为部门的公务背书,有如利用政党为部长的职责进行公投。这么做将为我国的政治立下坏的先例。试想,如果每一位部长或政党主席都在党的特大或常年大会讨论公 务,部门事务将会被政治化。如此一来,卫生部长也可要求特大让党为H1N1流感的防疫措施背书不成?






既 然我方先行提出特大的主意,最好的办法是总会长把他的议案纳入我们的议案,因为我们的议案反映了基层的意愿,代表着基层的声音。反之,总会长的议案仍是个 未知数。如果总会长要恢复党内民主,则需尊敬基层的意愿。特别代表大会以及中央委员会是政党最高的权力机构,要维持党内团结,领袖们必须听取代表们的声 音。

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