www.pdniaga.com - Business / Commercial Loan Agent Wanted..Very Attractive Commission !!

We are looking a freelance or partime Business Loan Agent to help us to approach the business owner who need get loan for their business.

A very attractive commission is waiting for you.All commission payout is in USD.As well as the loan amount.

You job is very simple.Just do the pre-sales, i will help to close the sales.
Take this opportunity to be my team member

The commission is very attractive ...
0.25% of the loan amount.The loan process requirement by the financial institute is very simple compare the local bank. Don't worry this is not ALONG Business.

For more info please call me at +60122707110 (Edmund)or email to me keankeap@gmail.com or msn me keankeap@hotmail.com or visit my blog at http://businessman-loan.blogspot.com/


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