I’d walk a mile for a Camel

Remember the days when cigarette ads appeared on TV and the cinemas?

And the Camel cigarette ad where you had a cowboy, looking weary from a long walk, enter the drugstore, buy a packet of Camels and then turn to the camera and say ‘I’d walk a mile for a Camel’?

I was reminded of this ad when I read in Malaysiakini, the response of Selangor PAS commissioner Hassan Ali, who, it is reported, is pushing for a total ban on the sale of alcohol in all Muslim-majority areas in Selangor, when asked if this move would be unfair to non-Muslims in the affected areas, that these non-Muslims would just have to travel further to get their drinks.

What’s the rationale of this proposed ban?

To stop Muslims in those affected areas from consuming alcohol?

That wouldn’t make much sense because, just like the affected non-Muslims, the Muslims in the areas in question too who fancy a beer, or a bottle of wine or any stronger stuff, like the non- Muslim in that same area or that weary cowboy in the ad, could just travel outside the affected area and buy whatever tickles their fancy.

Or is Hassan being a naughty boy and trying to stir up problems again for the Pakatan state government?

Wasn’t Hassan the one offered the MBship of the state when UMNO and some in PAS, Hassan included, were committing khalwat just after the March 8th GE, meeting secretly to plot an unholy marriage of convenience to thwart the then imminent Pakatan state government being formed?

Finally, how would this work?

If implemented, would the state government put up signages to declare that “You are now entering a booze-free area” and “You have just left a booze-free area”?

Hassan doesn’t wear a turban, right?

Wonder then why he’s displaying signs of deprivation of oxygen to the brain?

Hassan, how’s about just getting on with the job that the rakyat pay you to do, and leave God’s business to God?

Posted by Haris Ibrahim

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