Financial meltdown overshadowed by prolonged local politicking

The global financial meltdown is threatening to leave a blazing trail across the planet. Yet, our politicians back home are just too busy with power brokering. Who cares?

It is frightening indeed. While nations across the globe are moving at crisis mode armoring against a potential global economic slaughter, we are busy slaughtering each other along racial and religious issues.

It is shocking indeed. While leaders across the planet are roping in their best minds to erect strategies to ward off excessive economic scorching, our party machinery here are pitting one against the other with cumbersome legal suits and unsavory trials.

It is most wearisome indeed. While investors and businesses in other nations are rolling up sleeves to combat further financial battles, our home ground is stagnating as businesses are unsure of what the political outcome of Malaysia will be given all the speculation and wait-and-see deadlines for decisions.

It is indeed devastating. The truth is Malaysia is no more at crossroads today. It has crossed over the ledge and political battle lines are being drawn in haste.

Yet, no decisions are being made to protect the man in the street. What matters is retaining power and control within the polite-bureau.

It is alarming. While power bases are being consolidated within the ruling party, short dramas are being spewed out for public consumption in an effort to keep the rakyat preoccupied with distractions.

One only has to imagine the power of the economic and financial crunch that will sweep over the nation given all the political greed for personal glory, personal power and personal wealth.

Given the hugely disproportionate dependence of the rakyat on loans and living on credit, one shudders to think of the damage that will cripple the working class.

Worst, given the huge debts involving all our mega projects could virtually leave the country in disarray when the financial crush hits with full force.

Now who do we blame? The world? Or the local politicians and their past and present leaders?

Someone must answer.

J. D. Lovrenciear


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