Giving a Statement This Friday @ Dang Wangi Police Station

Received a call from ASP Sydney of Dang Wangi Police Station. Apparently, he was looking for me & a few other Anti ISA Activists / Bloggers, whom went to Pak Lah's Hari Raya Open House to meet him.

As of now, those whom will be going to see him are A.S. Sidhu, Ashok Kandiah, Haris Ibrahim & I.

He requested our presence this coming Friday 10/10/08, 2.30pm @ the Dang Wangi Police station.

According to Ashok, it is not necessary for anyone to come to the police station in support, as ASP Sydney will just be taking a quick statement, before letting us go.

I had a quick conversation with ASP Sydney during our visit to Badawi's open house. He seemed like a nice guy - friendly, warm, matured & humorous.

Of course, I remember hearing about him in the past. Here is one incident, where I remember hearing his name.

Read more here: ">http://surind.blogspot.com/2008/10/giving-statement-this-friday-dang-wangi.html

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