Meanwhile DAP, in support of Gerakan and MCA, went one step ahead - its Selangor division secretary Law Weng San, lodged a police report against the Bukit Bendera UMNO chief.

Ahmad Ismail, in his eagerness to critise Pakatan Rakyat for giving up Malay rights to attract Chinese voters, was reported saying that the Chinese were "temporary residents of this country and should not expect to be treated on par with the Malays."

It was undiplomatic of him to voice that out ... nevertheless, it has to be said. It has been quite some time since an UMNO leader has gone out on a limb to defend Malay rights and dominance.|

Unlike the Malays, the Chinese has several political parties, NGOs and clan associations to back them up when their rights are in question.

It is an open secret that MCA and Gerakan will support DAP in a different manner when it comes to the interest of the Chinese.

"The Malays have to depend solely on UMNO, as PAS and PKR will not support issues brought up by UMNO although such issues could benefit the Malays," said an UMNO division leader, adding that "there was no co-operation among Malay-based parties when it came to protecting the rights of the Malays."

He said any attempt to even align the Malay based parties was a "taboo" among party members due to fanaticism.

"For example the UMNO-PAS talks came under fire, although such an effort would further strengthen and unite the Malays politically and protect our rights," he added.

Ahmad Ismail has not only opened Pandora's box ... he has actually thrown a test to see how far the Malay political parties dare to come forward to defend their rights.