In Defense of Rashid Yusof

There was this one particularly interesting comment. It was made by a person using the name of Fatimah Zuhri. We shall assume the person is a lady. It is not uncommon for bloggers to assume a female name. Famous English writers did the same during their careers.

The comment was as follows:-

Fatimah Zuhri said...


Forgot to add something to my earlier comment :

1. The 'hit' againts Muhkriz was unnecessary.

2. We need unity. A lot of people have accepted KJ as the KP UMNO although they do not like it.

3. There is no reason for us to continue fighting petty fights like this.

Cheers mate

24 April 2009 13:52

I will treat this comment as representative of one that seeks rapprochement. There is a genuine wish to end quarrels among us. I fully support it. But I also believed it must also be a fair call. If we are asked to stop, the asking party must also do the same. It is fair and decent.

This means an end to recrimination and persecution of those who supported KJ. KJ is the ketua Pemuda. Whether one loves or hates this fact, one must live with it. Does the presence of KJ strike terror and fear among people in UMNO? Does it cause that to the extent that one is compelled to decimate all traces of KJ’s influence?

I find it bad sport for supporters of Mukhriz to continue venting out their frustrations to the fact that poor Mukhriz lost, onto KJ’s supporters. Like KJ, he too can be said not to be liked by many more people. That was why he lost in the Pemuda Race. This is simple logic despite everyone knowing that he too is not blameless when it comes to paying delegates. If KJ was alleged to carpet bomb, Mukhriz did a red tide on delegates. By red tide we mean, a gradual accumulation of algae (read fungus) that eventually discolour the water destroying marine life.

But it seems the animosity towards supporters of KJ is not over. It continues to be dished out to those associated with him. Such action gives a new meaning to the term guilty by association. The latest victim is the recently appointed press secretary to the DPM. His name is Encik RashidYusof.

Who is RashidYusof?

Encik Rashid Yusof is an ex journalist. He started with NST as a stringer in one of the northern states. He is a graduate in journalism from ITM. It is now UITM. He has also been a press secretary to Tun Daim Zainudin. TDZ is the closest confidante to Dr Mahathir. Encik Rashid thus has the distinction of being PS to TDZ who was arguably the alter ego of TDM.

But that part of his past is forgotten. It is association with the dreaded KJ that is bandied around as a security threat. Another blogger regards Rashid Yusuf as a Trojan horse sauntering for KJ. It seems KJ’s shadow looms extensively. Maybe it is an apparition that seems to spook everyone.

Some people are gunning out for Rashid. If you work hard enough, you can surely find people wiling enough to give anecdotal testimonies that this bloke Rashid is not good. He is not professional. Isn’t there anyone else? We all know these are all remarks arising from envy and professional jealousies. Of course there are 1001 people, but the DPM has chosen Rashid. If irrational envy is the motivation, we could be asking the same about- isn’t there anyone else rather than the PS to the PM who cannot even respond with a decent answer to the accusation once made by the now elusive RPK? The fact is the PM trusted and finds him useful. That is more important than my personal estimation or others’ unsolicited feelings.

At one point, Rashid irked some people at The Star. He had the audacity to say the STAR is championing Chinese Triumphalism. The Joan of Arc at the Star, Jocelyn Tan spearheaded their attacks on Rashid calling him unprofessional and perhaps even a racist bugger. Someone revealed that Miss Tan has sent an SMS to the DPM questioning whether the appointment of Rashid was appropriate. When does J Tan arrogate upon herself the role of a one person congressional hearing committee, cross examining appointments made by top leadership of this country?

The facts are: the DPM likes and feels he can trust Rashid to do a good job. That’s more important than rumblings about RY being a Trojan horse, security threat (to who?) or unprofessional. It would be stupid of me on the other hand not to exploit the talents of someone who is credited in making KJ victorious. It would also be stupid of me to appoint a dumkoff!


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