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Posted by: "az wan" fiveruz2002@yahoo.com   fiveruz2002

Thu Nov 6, 2008 6:13 pm (PST)




Posted by: "Ahmad" ahmus@yahoo.com   ahmus

Thu Nov 6, 2008 6:23 pm (PST)

Jemputan seminar

Sesuatu yang pasti dan Pasti dilalui adalah
Kematian. Setiap patah perkataan yang kita tulis
Ada yang menghisabnya.


--- On Fri, 11/7/08, road2glory <road2glory@gmail.com> wrote:
From: road2glory <road2glory@gmail.com>
Subject: [email_fin] Fwd: SEMINAR KRISIS EKONOMI GLOBAL 2008
To: "fin" <email_fin@yahoogroups.com>
Date: Friday, November 7, 2008, 8:54 AM

Assalamualaikum wrt.



Krisis Ekonomi Global :

(Mengapa dan Bagaimana)



Penyelesaian Tunggal.



15hb November 2008 (sabtu, 8.30 pagi)


Dewan Cempaka Kompleks PKNS Bangi, Selangor


Seminar (2 kertaskerja
akan dibentangkan) , Pameran, Jualan Buku, tayangan multimedia dll


dijemput hadir & masuk adalah percuma


Sebarang pertanyaan sila

seminarbangi@ gmail.com

www.mykhilafah. com



Intelektual Nusantara [IKIN]


Hizbut Tahrir
Malaysia [HTM]

manusia itu mulia dengan ISLAM
ISLAM tetap Mulia tanpa manusia

manusia itu mulia dengan ISLAM
ISLAM tetap Mulia tanpa manusia



Posted by: "Billy Yoseph Bibianus" billy_classic@yahoo.ie   billy_classic

Fri Nov 7, 2008 1:26 am (PST)

Final Statement of Catholic-Muslim Forum
Called to Be Instruments of Love and Harmony

* * *
The Catholic-Muslim Forum was formed by the Pontifical Council for
Interreligious Dialogue and a delegation of the 138 Muslim signatories of
the open letter called A Common Word, in the light of the same document
and the response of His Holiness Benedict XVI through his Secretary of
State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. Its first Seminar was held in Rome from
4-6 November 2008. Twenty-four participants and five advisors from each
religion took part in the meeting. The theme of the Seminar was "Love of
God, Love of Neighbour."
The discussion, conducted in a warm and convivial spirit, focused on two
great themes: "Theological and Spiritual Foundations" and "Human Dignity
and Mutual Respect." Points of similarity and of diversity emerged,
reflecting the distinctive specific genius of the two religions.
1. For Christians the source and example of love of God and neighbour is
the love of Christ for his Father, for humanity and for each person. "God
is Love" (1 Jn 4, 16) and "God so loved the world that He gave his only
Son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal
life" (Jn 3,16). God's love is placed in the human heart through the Holy
It is God who first loves us thereby enabling us to love Him in return.
Love does not harm one's neighbour but rather seeks to do to the other
what one would want done to oneself (Cf. 1 Cor 13, 4-7). Love is the
foundation and sum of all the commandments (Cf. Gal 5, 14).
Love of neighbour cannot be separated from love of God, because it is an
expression of our love for God. This is the new commandment, "Love one
another as I have loved you." (Jn 15, 12) Grounded in Christ's sacrificial
love, Christian love is forgiving and excludes no one; it therefore also
includes one's enemies. It should be not just words but deeds (Cf. 1 Jn,
4, 18). This is the sign of its genuineness.
For Muslims, as set out in "A Common Word," love is a timeless
transcendent power which guides and transforms human mutual regard.
This love, as indicated by the Holy and Beloved Prophet Muhammad, is prior
to the human love for the One True God. A Hadith indicates that God's
loving compassion for humanity is even greater than that of a mother for
her child (Muslim, Bab al-Tawba: 21); it therefore exists before and
independently of the human response to the One who is 'The Loving.' So
immense is this love and compassion that God has intervened to guide and
save humanity in a perfect way many times and in many places, by sending
prophets and scriptures. The last of these books, the Qur'an, portrays a
world of signs, a marvellous cosmos of Divine artistry, which calls forth
our utter love and devotion, so that 'those who have faith, have most love
of God' (2:165), and 'those that believe, and do good works, the Merciful
shall engender love among them.' (19:96) In a Hadith we read that 'Not one
of you has faith until he loves for his neighbour what he loves for
himself' (Bukhari, Bab al-Iman: 13).
2. Human life is a most precious gift of God to each person. It should
therefore be preserved and honoured in all its stages.
3. Human dignity is derived from the fact that every human person is
created by a loving God out of love, and has been endowed with the gifts
of reason and free will, and therefore enabled to love God and others. On
the firm basis of these principles, the person requires the respect of his
or her original dignity and his or her human vocation.
Therefore, he or she is entitled to full recognition of his or her
identity and freedom by individuals, communities and governments,
supported by civil legislation that assures equal rights and full
4. We affirm that God's creation of humanity has two great aspects: the
male and the female human person, and we commit ourselves jointly to
ensuring that human dignity and respect are extended on an equal basis to
both men and women.
5. Genuine love of neighbour implies respect of the person and her or his
choices in matters of conscience and religion. It includes the right of
individuals and communities to practice their religion in private and
6. Religious minorities are entitled to be respected in their own
religious convictions and practices. They are also entitled to their own
places of worship, and their founding figures and symbols they consider
sacred should not be subject to any form of mockery or ridicule.
7. As Catholic and Muslim believers, we are aware of the summons and
imperative to bear witness to the transcendent dimension of life, through
a spirituality nourished by prayer, in a world which is becoming more and
more secularized and materialistic.
8. We affirm that no religion and its followers should be excluded from
society. Each should be able to make its indispensable contribution to the
good of society, especially in service to the most needy.
9. We recognize that God's creation in its plurality of cultures,
civilizations, languages and peoples is a source of richness and should
therefore never become a cause of tension and conflict.
10. We are convinced that Catholics and Muslims have the duty to provide a
sound education in human, civic, religious and moral values for their
respective members and to promote accurate information about each other's
11. We profess that Catholics and Muslims are called to be instruments of
love and harmony among believers, and for humanity as a whole, renouncing
any oppression, aggressive violence and terrorism, especially that
committed in the name of religion, and upholding the principle of justice
for all.
12. We call upon believers to work for an ethical financial system in
which the regulatory mechanisms consider the situation of the poor and
disadvantaged, both as individuals, and as indebted nations. We call upon
the privileged of the world to consider the plight of those afflicted most
severely by the current crisis in food production and distribution, and
ask religious believers of all denominations and all people of good will
to work together to alleviate the suffering of the hungry, and to
eliminate its causes.
13. Young people are the future of religious communities and of societies
as a whole. Increasingly, they will be living in multicultural and
multireligious societies. It is essential that they be well formed in
their own religious traditions and well informed about other cultures and
14. We have agreed to explore the possibility of establishing a permanent
Catholic-Muslim committee to coordinate responses to conflicts and other
emergency situations and of organizing a second seminar in a
Muslim-majority country yet to be determined.
15. We look forward to the second Seminar of the Catholic-Muslim Forum to
be convened in approximately two years in a Muslim-majority country yet to
be determined.
All participants felt gratitude to God for the gift of their time together
and for an enriching exchange.

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