If UMNO, its leaders and members are forbidden to question the rights of others, can others question the rights of the Malays? Or can others make demands which can affect the stability of the party which would directly influence the country’s political stability?

When MCA new chief Ong Tee Kiat, suggested that Barisan Nasional created another deputy chairmanship and the post be given to the party’s president, doesn’t it occur to the mind of the newly elected chief that it would destabilize UMNO.

As an UMNO member said the move would lead to the creation of another deputy prime minister post.

"That is what MCA wants," he added.

This could, of course inccur the wrath of many party members and would distabilise the party itself.

If UMNO is distabilise it would effect the strength of Barisan Nasional. The 12th general election was a clear indicator that when UMNO members are dissatisfied with their leaders they have no qualms to cast their votes for the oppositions.

The result was disastrous, where for the first time since 1969, the Barisan coalition failed to secure the two-third majority in Parliament and lost four other states beside the opposition-led Kelantan.

In short the call made by MCA could affect new UMNO leadership which is expected to begin in March next year.

To many UMNO members, of late, the party’s leaders had compromised a lot to other races.

The HINDRAF’s issue for example is seen by the grassroots as a defeat for the Malays as the government did not take a firm action against the organization. The statement made by Gerik’s MP Tan Lian Hoe who called Malays as immigrants was branded as an insult to the Malays.

After all she won her parliament seat due to the support of the Malays.

“It is unbecoming of her as she had contested in Gerik (in the March 8 general election) where 85% of her voters are Malays and Umno made way for her to contest the seat,” said Lenggong UMNO deputy chief Shamsul Anuar Nasarah when speaking to reporters.

So just to safeguard MCA new chief, should UMNO give way again? - 21/10/2008