Dear PM: u want us remain united but ur konco2X keep breaking us up

Really super "LPPL" (sorry, I cannot type it out here)

Asking all Malaysians to remain united (oh, does that exist in reality at first place?!), but all the craps happening all around to segregate the society.

Politicians are too busy cooking up ideas to benefit own pockets rather than fighting to help society. They also keep playing the deadly 'racial' card in many things they do/say.

One race (in general, not all lah) thinks it is "always right" and also never respect other races, and frequently conclude that other races "always like to challenge" it. Dia ada dia cakap, lain-lain tak ada cakap; Semua dia betul, lain-lain semua salah...ishhhh, so kanasai

Wow, really amazing country... nevertheless, I still love my country Malaysia

PS - sorry if I offended any bloggers with my crappy post

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