Umno chief foresees PR split-up

SHAH ALAM, Jan 1 — Umno Information Chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said today the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance comprising Pas, DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) was beginning to split up.

This was evident following quarrels between PKR and Pas, Pas and DAP and within PKR itself involving the Indians and Malays, he told a media conference after a meeting with the committee members of all wings of the Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno Division.

Muhammad, who is chairman of the Selangor Umno Liaison Committee, said a group of Indian Malaysians angry with the Barisan Nasional (BN) had voted for the PKR in the last general election in March last year and were today disappointed with the way they had been treated by the PKR leadership.

“In fact, today they are disappointed with the PKR leadership which is not interested in visiting them. They do not have the time to look at zinc sheets having been blown off or floods.

“This is not the work of their leaders. They want to be members of councils... they feel they do not have to visit the people,” he said.

On the contrary, Muhammad said, the BN understood the problems of the people because its leaders went down to the people to learn of their grievances and worked to develop the state.

“The landscape of the country’s development was shaped by the BN. They (PR) don’t understand. We go down to the people. We know what they want. They don’t. They received a ready state. So, they do not know what to do because there is no event,” said the Rural and Regional Development Minister.

He said the BN struggle was based on its track record but the PR manipulated certain issues to garner the people’s support and votes.

On the Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno Division, Muhammad said it remained unaffected by the resignation of its head Captain (Rtd) Datuk Zahar Hashim who joined Pas last month.

He said the 28 heads of branches in the Petaling Jaya Division who reportedly wanted to follow Zahar in joining Pas could be from branches set up by Zahar himself.

Muhammad said he hoped that the division’s deputy head Datuk Raja Hanipuddin Datuk Raja Nong Chik, who is acting head, would be able to increase the membership of the division in time for the next general election.

Raja Hanipuddin said he and the divisional committee members wanted to strengthen the party machinery to recapture the Taman Medan state seat. — Bernama

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