PR Doomed to Crumble

Trouble is brewing in PKR and it looks ugly. The Pakatan-Rakyat (PR) coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS is doomed to crumble.

PAS’ unbending policies and its reaffirmation to implement Islamic criminal laws or hudud and qisas boomeranged and landed on its own backyard when DAP, ferociously objected it.

Not only the DAP but Gerakan and MCA which also represent the Chinese echoed similar sentiments and objections. DSAI has yet to open his mouth on the issue.. Understandably, how could DSAI comment on religious issues that he is unsure of and when he himself is facing a sodomy charge, something that is abhorred by the Malays.

To put it on record, DSAI had strongly opposed to PAS’ hudud and qisas when he was in the Government, Not once or twice but on many occasions. I believe DSAI may have forgotten what he had said when he was in the Government.

PR leaders are actually sitting on a time bomb. It is ticking away swiftly and a matter of time before the coalition explodes, disintegrating the coalition which foot is placed on soft grounds.

Of late, they have been disagreement, conflicts of ideologies and bickering among them on many issues.

The latest when PKR Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam threatens to quit the party, citing his disappointment of the Selangor PKR leaders, whom he claimed had neglected the needs of the rakyat.

I hope Manikavasagam is not too late to discover that his comrades and PKR is actually a claptrap and bunch of liars. Well, it is better late than never.

Manikavasagam continues saying that infighting among the state leaders is also widespread. Are they not supposed to be fighting for the rakyat?

He said PKR leaders in Selangor are not united and cold towards each other, adding that some are ARROGANT and unwilling to cooperate with each other to resolve issues affecting the rakyat.

So, who is arrogant now?

PKR leaders asserted that BN lost heavily in the 12th general election on March 6 because its leaders were arrogance. It is a case of a pot calling the kettle black.

I hope not only Manikavasagam has realized the politics of deceiving by DSAI but the people should also comprehend who is actually Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He commands PR through his strategy of divide and rule and power brokering, a successful stratagem by the US in the Middle-East, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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