Anwar’s Lies and Deception and the Sept 16 plan

Anwar Ibrahim’s plot to take over the government has been a trumped up lie, cleverly concocted to politically deceive the people.

That is how Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Mohd Najib Tun Razak summed up the failure of Anwar’s plan to topple the government and become the country’s fifth prime minister when the deadline ended yesterday.

Aptly describing the plot as a waste of time, Abdullah said Anwar had politically maneuvered lies to deceive the people into believing his dream.

“It is Anwar’s mirage, a dream and people will continue to be fascinated by him, but actually there is no substance, nothing,” added the Prime Minister.

In a sense Abdullah is right. Anwar’s fanatical supporters will continue to believe in his pipe dream to take down the BN government with him crowned as the prime minister.

With confidence oozing from his every pore, the Anwar of old has his supporters clinging on to his words as he harped on the supposed 31 BN defectors, without revealing their names, and his never ending story of toppling the government.

“He will continue lying and he will do with a straight face. He should have been a poker player and moved to Las Vegas . Become a professional gambler,” said a friend in jest.

But the best description of Anwar was made by Liberal Democratic Party president Liew Vui Keong.

“Anwar has been blowing bubbles all this while, and now his bubbles have burst. But he is still blowing his trumpet loud and strong. He might just end up swallowing his own saliva,” the International Trade and Industry deputy minister was reported saying.

Will Anwar have the last laugh? With such odds, it’s highly unlikely. -- Sept 17,2008

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