UMNO supreme council member Dr Rais Yatim made the wisest statement yet on the Pakatan Rakyat's delusion to form its backdoor government.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday from his constituency in Jelebu Negri Sembilan, Rais"advised" Pakatan Rakyat supremo, Anwar, to stop acting and attempting to garner sympathy from the United States.

But, acting is Anwar's number two passion, right after politics. It is a known fact that he loved Hindustani and Tamil movies, and used "Sivaji The Boss" movie poster to lure Indians to support him in the Permatang Pauh by-election.

"Watch him on the podium when he delivers his speech. Only 10 percent of what he says is facts, the rest are superb acting that can be used as movie dialogues," said a former Anwaritas.

"No wonder, even after he failed to deliver his promise to form the government by Sept 16, there are still those who believe in his pipe dream," he added.

But Anwar the actor, still draws the crowd and to ensure that he is not obsolete after Sept 16, he came up with a new move - asking the Prime Minister to hold a special parliament sitting.

It was to discuss the loss of confidence on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's leadership.

"This is just one of his many tactics. He wants to ensure that the issue is still alive as he needs such a condition to survive. He started the ball rolling after Barisan's poor performance in the last election by dreaming up the Sept 16 plan.

"After its failure, he came up with another plan - the vote-of-no-confidence against Abdullah. He is creating issues to make sure he is in the news and still relevant," said a former UMNO Youth leader.

In his blog, dated Sept 18 Anwar accused Abdullah of being irresponsible and careless in making statements during a press conference when commenting on Pakatan Rakyat's demand to have a meeting with him.

But Anwar tends to forget that he is more irresponsible. He has been putting the nation in political and economical turmoil by making claims that the present government would fall after Sept 16.

He should seriously listen to Rais, stop acting and be a more responsible opposition leader. -- Sept 23, 2008