It was just like in the Hollywood movies - "your people call my people and we do lunch".

At least that was what was in Tian Chua's mind, when he claimed there were talks between PKR's middleperson and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's middleperson, to discuss the transfer of power.

This is not shocking because it came from the PKR information chief. The former social activist-turned-politician is known for his bizarre claims. He was the one who doctored a picture of Najib Tun Razak having dinner with Altantuya.

He is also known to do strange and wild things during street demonstrations.

"Tian Chua's statement is just to make the "backdoor government myth" come alive . . . to make sure that people still talk about it as PKR has run out of ideas to keep the dream alive," said a minister's aide.

He added it would be impossible for Abdullah to send intermediaries to meet PKR's people to talk about the transfer of power.

"There is no logic to it. Firstly, PKR does not have a shred of evidence that it has the numbers, secondly, Pakatan's move is not seen as a threat that Barisan should succumb to," the aide added.

He stressed that before a meeting between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan could be held, the opposition-coalition should first sit together and ron out their own "domestic misunderstanding" over the transfer of power.

"Who will lead the Pakatan government, Anwar or Hadi (Awang)? What is the type of government, secular or Islamic state?," said the aide, adding that Pakatan must answer these questions first before forming the government.

Even Abdullah himself has dismissed the intermediaries meeting, describing it as crazy. Crazy as it maybe, there are believers who strongly put their faith on Anwar and his Pakatan-coalition.

And such a statement would continue be repeated to make the impossible dream come true