With Sept 16 just a day away, Anwar Ibrahim’s plan to form the backdoor government has yet to see the light of the day.

No news either of Barisan Nasional MPs crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat.

An MP who was one of those on the BNBBC trip to Taiwan, and who is now in Hong Kong, said they did not meet any of the five PKR leaders sent on the head hunting mission.

“Yes, they were in Taipeh, but we did not meet them. I believe none of my fellow MPs met them either,” he said in a phone interview.

He added to his knowledge none of the MPs had thought of jumping ship as they never even discussed the issue.

In an effort to make amends, Pakatan Rakyat replaced the plan with a peaceful gathering, celebrating the formation of Malaysia on Sept 16.

On his blog, Anwar said PR will hold a Malaysia Day gathering at the MBPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya, with the co-operation of the Selangor State Government.

Anwar will deliver his speech, which is the pinnacle of the event, during the gathering.

“We can expect excuses from him for failing to meet the deadline. He is expected to blame the recent ISA crackdown, the Taiwan trip and anything under the sun, but admit that the crossover plan is actually hogwash,” said a former PKR strongman.

He also alluded that Sept 16 would leave a black spot on Anwar’s political career as he had failed to fulfill his promise to Pakatan’s supporters especially the Permatang Pauh voters.

“He was voted by the Permatang Pauh constituents because they wanted to pave his way to Putrajaya. But the best he could deliver was to become the opposition leader,” he added.

There is less than 24-hours for Anwar to make good his promise. His speech on Sept 16, can be his victory speech or, in a manner of speaking, his admittance to defeat.

Nevertheless it will be a news worthy event, although it will be not as prominent as Anwar’s Sept 16 plan. – Sept 15, 2008